500 Year Anniversary • gifted to give

 In 1521, Filipinos experienced their first encounter with Christianity – through a humble Mass on the Island of Limasawa by Spanish Friars.  Shortly thereafter, over 800 natives were baptized on Cebu Island, and the very first Catholic community in the Philippines was born.  In 2021, join us as we proudly celebrate 500 years of survival and growth of Christianity in the Philippines as well as the 25th Anniversary of Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries!

Throughout five centuries, enduring tremendous times of strife and difficulty, the Filipino people have never lost sight of the gift of Christ, who came into our world so that all might have life and have it to the full!  The people of the Philippines deeply believe they have been gifted – gifted with faith in our Lord.

Thus our 500 year and 25 year celebration are themed ‘GIFTED TO GIVE’. Christian acts of charity are woven into the fabric of Filipino society – from the development of hospitals and leprosariums and fighting for merciful justice in the colonial period to providing shelter, comfort and education to today’s survivors of sex-trafficking and poverty – the charitable underpinnings of the Catholic Church in the Philippines stand in testimony to the sharing of God’s love . . . His one, simple message to us.

We ask that you join us in celebration of the glorious quincentennial and 25 year anniversary. 

Announcing our ‘GIFTED TO GIVE’ COMMEMORATIVE LEGACY BOOK” where you and your family can be recognized as Legacy Mission Partners while continuing to support the Mission. The book will feature a brief history of MQHM and Catholicism over 500 years in the Philippines, as well as stories of many survivors and students who you have supported. There are many opportunities to become part of this legacy, all outlined in the REGISTRATION FORM • DOWNLOAD NOW!

Come celebrate and be recognized as a Mary Queen of Heaven Legacy Mission Partner!

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