A Mother’s Day Remembrance

May 2019
At a time when Motherhood is celebrated and families come together to pay homage to their beloved Moms, let us not forget the trials that are being confronted by our young mothers in The Home of Love.

Only children themselves, they must deal with their own young children born to them through the sex trafficking world of prostitution.  Teenage motherhood blurs the distinctions between adulthood and childhood.  In conjunction with having been exploited, these young girls find themselves pregnant by unknown abusers, leaving them with a challenge beyond their comprehension.  The young mother’s feeling toward their child is generally ambivalent.  Many even despise their offspring as they are a constant reminder of the unknown men who pass in the night, without a thought.  These mothers find themselves with a child who needs constant care that they are not emotionally or financially equipped to deal with, yet many experience an undeniable emotional tie to their babies.

At The Home of Love all of these conflicting issues and feelings are understood by the Sisters of Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries.  They work tirelessly to bring comfort and healing to the girls who bravely choose to change the direction of their troubling situation. These girls need our prayers and our help as they navigate the path to recovery.  A life of abuse, drugs and humiliation begins to transform into love, faith and self-respect for those who courageously seek God and his help.  Through the divine intervention of the Blessed Mother and the prayers of all of us who can only imagine such challenges, we wish these extraordinary girls and their children a future of peace and happiness, wrapped in Christ’s love.

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