A Special Request from Mother Superior

Dear Mission Partner,

A pleasant day to you!

I am hoping and praying that you and your family are healthy and safe even with the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries sisters are blessed with good health as we are taking all necessary precautions by following the advice by health authorities.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is upon us all, services are continuing to the best of our ability in the Home of Love and in our newly opened My Bonita Home for Girls, where we are helping sexually abused minors.  Both administrations are taking extra care of the residents by giving them nutritious food and supplementary vitamins to strengthen their immune system. Since schools are suspended temporarily, we have many activities to help residents and their children pass the time productively. At present we are not accepting visitors until the health authorities give the signal that the crisis has passed.

However, we are greatly affected in garnering our regular financial support for our residents and attaining sponsors for the 5,000 student beneficiaries waiting to be entered into the 2020-2021 Regina Coeli Education Program. This crisis, as you can imagine, has disabled us in the US from speaking at churches and community meetings and has stopped our regular travel schedules to be able to reach our necessary support goals.

The Philippines has also suspended public masses and other church activities, restricting us there too, in getting regular, dependent financial support from generous people. We so much appreciate your continuous support as a mission partner and humbly ask that you may donate a few extra funds in the next few weeks to help us through this crisis. Any amount will be appreciated and can be donated easily through our website by clicking the DONATE button to the right.

As we all do our best for the greater glory of God and his children may the Lord bless you abundantly with good health and happiness. Please take all the necessary precautions for mind, body and spirit as we travel through this journey together.

Sincerely Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Sr. Corazon J. Salazar, Mother Superior, Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries

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