A Personal Thank You Video from Student!

Listen to a personal thank you and success story directly from one of the Regina Coeli Education Program Students,
Kathlyn Ann Perez

5 thoughts on “A Personal Thank You Video from Student!”

  1. Lloyd and Deanna Pierre

    To Cathlyn Ann Perez

    Congratulations on all your achievements! We are so proud of you and thankful for your hard work and perseverence. Always ask God for help and guidance and praise Him with your life! May He bless you and your family always ~

    With love and admiration,
    Lloyd and Deanna Pierre
    Bellevue, Nebraska, USA

  2. I thank God that I’m part of the mission though I don’t have much to share. And I’ll try my very best as much as I can for God is loving and merciful

  3. Carmencita Walker

    I’m happy to hear that we are able to support Kathlyn Ann Perez to pursue her dream and I wish she would realize her dream. I’m glad she includes God in everything she does. More power to you!

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