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WE FIGHT PROSTITUTION Through our program called




1.Temporary Shelter. The Rehabilitation center will offer temporary shelter to women and children victims of prostitution in the Philippines. The objective is to facilitate the transition period to their rehabilitation by physically providing an environment that is conducive to reformation. A shelter for children and victims of prostitution in the Philippines is provided until such time that they can stand on their own.

2. Health and Nutrition. MQHM provides healthy, nutritious and simple food to the clients and their children. Teaching them to live a frugal life.

3. Maternity and Medical Assistance MQHM provides maternity and medical assistance to women who were rescued pregnant. MQHM will engage the services of OB-Gynecologists and pediatricians to help the pregnant women.

B. Counseling and Psychological Therapy MQHM will facilitate psychological therapy and even psychiatric treatment in severe cases through linkages with specialized hospitals and expert psychologists and psychiatrists. Spiritual Formation To complete the overall healing process, MQHM will provide regular spiritual guidance and counseling through catechetical instruction, value formation, and group therapy. To hasten their psychological healing, an atmosphere of familial warmth, love, respect and understanding will be provided and maintained. Close guidance and counseling will go hand and hand. The center has a sister as an in-house psychologist with the expertise and experience in counseling former women and children victims of prostitution.. MQHM will also seek assistance from spiritual advisers who have proven expertise in successfully dealing with similar cases. To complete the overall healing process, MQHM will provide spiritual and moral guidance.

C.  Livelihood and Skills Training. The objective of this component is to help former prostitutes and assist former women victims of prostitution who have resolved to engage in alternative livelihood in upgrading and enhancing their skills in areas such as baking, sewing, cooking/catering, candle making, and the like. The center trains its facilitator and trainers in premier training institutions, who in turn train the women in these competency areas.

D.  Educational Assistance.  MQHM will also offer scholarships to women who choose to finish their formal education. To this end, MQHM will establish the MQHM Scholarship devoted to deserving and promising women taken under its care to enable them to attain diplomas and certificates that would allow them to pursue professional careers, if they so choose.

E. Reintegration Phase.  A monitoring and support system will be designed and established by MQHM in close consultation with professionals and the victims of prostitution themselves, to encourage former women and children clients to keep in touch with each other and the Center and provide support whenever needed. They will be periodically visited by the Center staff to observe the impact of the Center’s services in their lives, and to simply provide encouragement and moral support for their new lives. Monitoring will be continued until such time that MQHM has been satisfied that former clients have been fully integrated as a productive member of the society.

F.  Child Care
MQHM realizes that women victims of prostitution support families and children. MQHM will provide child care support services for women who have children who need to be with their mothers while they are undergoing rehabilitation. To this end, MQHM will engage the services of child care professionals in the Philippines, such as child psychologists and pediatricians whenever these are needed, to address needs of children who might also have experienced various levels of trauma and medical problems associated with prostitution. MQHM Philippines will also encourage volunteers from schools, universities, hospitals and other professionals who wish to respond to needs of women and children in crisis situations. Other childcare services might also be provided, including child minding, pre school education, nutrition and health in the Philippines, and the like.

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