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Imagine a nun going undercover, walking the streets at night rescuing women and children in the world of human trafficking

This is but one of the missions in the Philippines; rescuing women and children victims of prostitution from the streets and bringing them to our Home of Love The Philippines unfortunately rank 4th in the world with prostituted children. Averaging 15 years and some as young as 8, girls are forced into five to ten sexual encounters nightly. Most are drugged by their handlers so they can endure the horror and then many become dependent on narcotics. As a respite for the victims of sex trafficking and prostitution, the Home of Love offers shelter, rehabilitation and child care for those with children, while providing hope, love and dignity towards a well deserving life of happiness.

Programs include:
-Temporary shelter
-Basic health care, food and nutrition
-Maternity and Medical Assistance
-Psychological Therapy and Counseling
-Recreational Activities
-Spiritual Formation
-Educational assistance
-Livelihood & skills training: baking, sewing, cooking & catering, candle-making, etc.
-Child Care for young mothers with children as they rehabilitate.

The objective is to facilitate the transition period to their rehabilitation by physically providing an environment that is conducive to reformation, until such a time that they can stand on their own. When walking the streets the Sisters travel in pairs, not dressed in habits.

One will go into a bar and offer love and a listening ear to the young women who may need someone to turn to, while the other acts as a lookout. If the nuns have befriended an underage girl who wants to escape, prior arrangements are made with an orphanage where the child can receive a new home and education.

  We are constantly seeking sponsors to pay bar fines of 800 pesos to remove a working prostitute from a bar.  While it sounds like risky business so far there has been no harm against us.  We fight prostitution in a non-violent way. The Home of Love is expanding to accommodate over 100 victims at any one given time and is in dire need of assistance to sustain the care and responsibility for the girls.

In the past 14 years we have seen hundreds of victims rehabilitated, educated and reunited with their communities as they pursue productive lives. In a study over a three year period we retained 93% of our residents who managed to turn their lives around while in our care. $100 per month is required to provide for each resident.

In 2005 the Home of Love was established to shelter 25 women and children at one time, then increased to 50. Funds are needed to expand so we may welcome even more. Please help us by becoming a sponsor. Share the good fortune God has given you. You may call 818-261-6212 in the USA to hear the latest details about our expansion and the many opportunities available to help.

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  1. Hello! Does your community offer volunteer opportunities, short or long term?
    Also, what does your vocation discernment process look like?
    Maramimg salamat!

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