Education & Rehabilitation Programs

MQHM offers scholarships to women who choose to finish their formal education.  To this end, we have established the MQHM Scholarship devoted to deserving and promising women to enable them to attain diplomas and certificates that allow them to pursue professional careers, if they so choose.

Rehabilitation is key in helping our residents and former victims of prostitution who have resolved to seek an alternative livelihood. Our Center trains its teachers in premier training institutions, who in turn train our girls in the arts of cooking/catering, baking, sewing, candle making, etc.

By upgrading and enhancing their skills in many different areas, these young women become valuable assets in their communities as well as regain pride and self-worth. Upon completion of their training courses, we seek out government and private employers who may provide initial on-the-job training for long term employment. Sports and recreational activities are regularly planned to support a well-rounded daily curriculum.

A monitoring system was designed by MQHM in close consultation with professionals and the victims themselves, to encourage former women and children clients to keep in touch with each other and our Center for continued support.We periodically visit each of them to observe the impact of our Center’s services on their lives and to simply provide encouragement and moral support for their new direction in life.  Monitoring is continued until such time that MQHM has been satisfied the former residents have been fully integrated as productive members of society. Each of God’s children deserves our love and help.

MQHM realizes that women victims of prostitution may support families and children. We provide child care on site for children who need to be with their mothers while they rehabilitate. The children enjoy pre-school education and good nutrition. MQHM also engages the services of child care professionals in the Philippines, such as child psychologists and pediatricians whenever these are needed.

They address needs of children who might also have experienced various levels of trauma and medical problems associated with prostitution. We also encourage volunteers from schools, universities, hospitals and other professionals who wish to respond to the needs of women and children in crisis situations.

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