Medical & Psychological Assistance

Health and nutrition are among the immediate needs of a new resident.  The Home of Love provides well-balanced, nutritious meals and initial medical assistance including maternity services of OBGYNs and pediatricians to help the women who were recused pregnant.  Counseling and psychological treatment is integral to restoring the dignity and self-esteem for victims rescued from the unspeakable situation of sex trafficking and prostitution.  

While housed at the Home of Love, these young women receive assistance to help them deal with the trauma of their negative experiences.  Our center has a sister who is an in-house psychologist with the expertise and experience to address most of their needs.  MQHM also facilitates psychiatric treatment in severe cases through linkages with specialized hospitals and different psychologists and psychiatrists when appropriate.  

To hasten psychological healing, an atmosphere of familial warmth, love, respect and understanding is provided and maintained.  Close guidance and counseling go hand in hand.  This is a necessary precondition for the overall empowerment process and inner healing to begin.

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