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Minors Rescued in Dumaguete City

A number of young girls were rescued from Dumaguete City last October 2011. These girls ages 12 to 16 years old were known as the “rugby girls.” Some of them were addicted in this substance as early as 8 years old. They came from very poor and broken families. Their fathers or mothers have meager incomes. In order to support their needs, they engaged in prostitution silently. The minors confessed that they were pimped to foreign tourists or local visitors.

MQHM Sister had difficulty in locating these girls since they had no permanent residence. She usually found them in an area called “Parke”, where they usually stayed. They even sleep on the streets at night and never mind the cold weather. These girls admitted that often times they were caught sniffing rugby or during curfew operations and they were placed in a home for the youth. However, they disliked being forced to stay in that place that they ended up running away.

The first month of sheltering these minors was not easy. Six of them escaped from the Home of Love after four days of admission. They thought that they might be maltreated in the center. A 13 year old girl disclosed that she had a traumatic experience during her last placement and she was afraid that it might happen again. After a day of wandering in the streets, the six girls decided to come back to the Home of Love and pleaded to be accepted again. Armed with so much love and compassion, the sisters in the center embraced them whole heartedly and never uttered any hurting words to them.

These minors are hoping to change their lives. They dreamed of living a beautiful life with their families someday. But their rehabilitation and formation years in the Home of Love would be full of hardship and sacrifice. They are young but they have dreams. They needed most our prayers and support. The MQHM Sisters never give up in their misbehaviors but always ready to forgive them and help them to start a new.

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