Regina Coeli Education Program

Due to the overwhelming poverty in the remote mountain villages of the Philippines, the country is ranked 4th in the world as having the greatest number of prostituted children. Young girls are preyed upon by handlers promising parents they will provide “good jobs” in the city. The atrocities perpetuated on these children are horrific and the Regina Coeli Education Program was developed to combat them.

Firmly believing that poverty in the mountain areas of the Philippines is the root cause of children lured into prostitution, MQHM developed a plan to provide educational assistance to the rural poor.  Extreme poverty is prevalent. Most houses are dilapidated, have no electricity or running water, and food is scarce. 

For many parents, providing the basic school supplies for their children is impossible, so most remain away from school. Boys consequently stay and work the garden and the girls have no alternatives. Their possibilities for a decent life become limited. We, the Sisters of MQHM, reach into these rural areas and provide educational assistance to encourage formal learning.

The Regina Coeli Education Program was developed in 2007 when the Sisters began traveling into the remote villages and befriending the families and piecing together a network of lay teachers and volunteers called “Mission Partners”. Together we work tirelessly to provide basic staples and encourage families to allow their children to go to school.

The Regina Coeli Education Program has enabled over 4000 children to attend school, both elementary and high school, who otherwise would not have been able. We have an education network between ourselves and our Mission Partners that stretches from Tabogon to Cordova, Malabuyoc to Poro, Tudela to Valencia totaling over 50 municipalities.

This program includes: Food assistance for families, school supplies, shoes, uniforms, school bags, raincoats, allowance and transportation, plus spiritual and family development

We now have a goal of aiding 20,000 children but have reach a plateau due to a lack of funds. The need is great, and the outcomes thus far are measurable. We are beginning to feature the success stories on our website. Only $25 per month will allow a child to attend school throughout the year. High School scholarships are now awarded to those who show interest and potential, and many have gone on to college. Our program also offers vocational assistance in the fields of Garment, Automotive, Electrical, and Computer Technology.The heart of the Regina Coeli Education Program is to uplift the dignity of human lives by providing assistance, spiritual guidance and hope. Please share the good fortune God gave you.

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