Food Assistance

As an arm of the Regina Coeli Education Program, we have a Philippines’ sponsored monthly program to offer food assistance to the families we encounter as we travel the mountains, so we may connect and encouraging formal education for the young.  The need for sustenance is so great and these visits provide time over a meal for us to engage the parents and children and explain the great possibilities that may be attained by their child upon receiving an education and avoiding the horrors experienced by so many in the sex trafficking industry. 

The program feeds over 3000 per month resulting in a lasting connection and mutual respect between us and so many communities, which has aided us in our mission. The strides we are making in convincing these rural families to let us help them educate their children is impacting so many areas of the Philippines in a positive way.

1 thought on “Food Assistance”

  1. Hi Mother Superior,
    My name is Mon Solis, my family lived in Mactan, 14 years ago before coming here in Markham Ontario.
    Id like to reach out and send sacks of rice to your Missionary and hoping to support the Food Assistance Program. May I know who is the right person to communicate about this intention.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

    Mon Solis

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