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Shelter For Women and Children Victims of Prostitution in the Philippines

Project Components:
Children Victims of Prostitution
Temporary Shelter

The Rehabilitation center will offer temporary shelter to women and children victims of prostitution in the Philippines. The objective is to facilitate the transition period to their rehabilitation by physically providing an environment that is conducive to reformation. A shelter for children and victims of prostitution in the Philippines is provided until such time that they can stand on their own.

The MQHM tried to shelter a number of prostituted women in their Mission House, but it could not adequately accommodate the former CSWs since the Mission House shelters the Sisters who actually do the weekly apostolate in the different KTV bars and casas. Hence, a separate shelter exclusively for such a purpose is urgently needed. Land for such a shelter has been secured from a private donor, such that a considerable counterpart from MQHM towards the establishment of a shelter is present. Only the cost of constructing and operating a shelter for the first three years will be requested in this project proposal.

One thought on “Shelter For Women and Children Victims of Prostitution in the Philippines

  1. Joseph

    I would like to seek support in trying to convince a young lady to get out of prostitution. She is psychologically and economically being pressured by her own elder sister and mother to earn money for them. I need networks to help convince her that prostitution is not the option for her to privide to her family.

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