NEW Home of Love Moving Forward!

As many of you know our current Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries Home of Love Rehabilitation & Livelihood Center opened its doors in 2005. Twenty young residents, rescued from the evils of sex trafficking and prostitution, began their journey to a new life. We have grown over the years and now house fifty girls at any one given time. But the need remained great, so in 2017 we began a significant campaign to enlarge our facility. We made the decision early in the process to improve our existing structure rather than building anew, to remain fiscally responsible and avoid unnecessary costs.

Through the generous donations of many of our supporters, our original building is nearly finished with its retrofitting

Boasting a new roof, wiring, walls, floors, and structural upgrades, we completed the exterior and are now renovating the interior

Our girls are extremely exciting as they watch the transformation and continue to work very hard at their studies and training. The demand for medical care, counseling and psychological assistance is so prevalent. New residents arrive needing interactions with our in-house psychiatrist and social workers before we can approach them with new skills training and spiritual guidance. The process of rehabilitation is a long journey and our improved facilities will greatly enhance our abilities to help these victims succeed.

  • We recently approved Phase I of this new facility, which began in November 2019. This main building will now feature a huge open plan social hall with room for training, education and gatherings. A daycare center, the Sisters dormitory, administration offices, kitchen, baking area and clinic are also included in the plans. Our goal is to raise the budgeted $1.2M needed to fund this renovation and hope to finish this phase by sometime next year.

Natural lighting and ventilation is maximized in the design of Building B which includes a skylight above, in the middle of the social hall. The glass partitions on the mezzanine level reflect lightness of structure and visual connection within the interiors. Adapting a sustainable green building approach is an essential feature of the entire development. The large roof will house a solar power panel system that will provide an alternative source of electrical power. A rainwater collection system will be constructed to provide an additional source of water supply. The rainwater collected will be used for watering the plants, washing vehicles, etc. A sewage treatment plant is also being built to make sure the wastewater disposed is safe for the environment.

We will then enter Phase II, at an estimated cost of $500,000, to provide two new resident dormitories to accommodate an additional 100 girls and eventually build a new chapel. The success of our Home of Love over the past fifteen years has been impressive. As we rescue, rehabilitate and educate these young victims of sex trafficking and child exploitation, we witness residents continue their education by attending high school and universities. After learning life skills at our Center, so many enter the workforce with meaningful employment – lives changed forever after being provided with love, support and spiritual guidance.

We ask that you help us in our mission to assist so many caught in an unspeakable and tragic situation by contributing to our campaign. You may contact us at 818-261-6212 or email for any additional information and details. Or you can donate online by clicking on the DONATE button on the right and specify your donation to be used for The New Home of Love renovation. Just enter RENOVATION in the Comment Section found directly beneath your donation amount.

Please share the good fortune God gave you.

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