Thousands Going Back to School Because of YOU!

Greetings of Peace!
We, the Sisters of the Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries and our ever-committed Mission Partners wish you the best health and happiness in the name of our Lord and his Mother, Mary the Queen of Heaven!

Another school year has ended and a new one will begin very soon! We begin again our cycle of Mission and Care through the Regina Coeli Educational Assistance Program. We are very grateful for your constant support for our high school beneficiaries in the many areas across the Philippines! Thanks to the generosity and care of people like you, we can help heal and rehabilitate survivors of sex trafficking and those who wish to leave the sex trade, and empower high school students in the most vulnerable areas in the Philippines from would-be traffickers and exploiters.

YOU enable us to give opportunities to high school students to help themselves, and have a life free from exploitation while gaining more paths to a better future! In God’s Name, we plead your help to sponsor or assist us in looking for sponsors.


With the new school year beginning soon, we are reaching out to your generous hearts as we undertake another year of education, care, empowerment and love for our dear high school beneficiaries. Help us to help them secure a better life, not just free from exploitation but also free to decide their destinies in grace and human dignity. Education is a right!

Below find our progress in numbers, with the number of beneficiaries served in 2021 and to be served in 2022. The surveying and identification of high school students to be helped out has been done and identified and is reflected below:

12,127 high school students is a challenge but a challenge we are more than willing and able to support and serve! Please help us fulfill this great work! Thank you so much for spending time in reading this and learning about the Regina Educational Assistance Program. Please keep in touch and let us make this happen, year after year!

Together, let us continue to “Save a Soul, and Gain a New Life”!

Yours in the Lord Jesus and Mary, the Queen of Heaven, Sister Corazon J. Salazar, MQHM Foundress and Mother Superior, Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries