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Victims of Prostitution in the Philippines are Sheltered in Cebu

MQHM Rehabilitation and Livelihood Training Center for Women and Children Victims of Prostitution in Cebu or anywhere in the Philippines.
This project is entitled MQHM Rehabilitation and Livelihood Training Center for Women and Children Victims of Prostitution anywhere in the Philippines. In accordance with MQHM’s vision of restoring dignity of God’s outcast children including prostituted women, the project will provide five major support services to women commercial sex workers who choose to leave prostitution and engage in alternative livelihood.

As a first step, MQHM will offer temporary shelter and remove the women from the environment of prostitution. During such time that the women are housed at the shelter, counseling and other assistance will be provided. This is to help them deal with the trauma of negative experiences while in prostitution, and to facilitate inner healing. This is a necessary precondition for the overall empowerment process to begin. Parallel to psychological counseling, MQHM will provide spiritual and moral guidance to women .

While undergoing psychological counseling, the center will provide the women with;

livelihood skills training, to equip them with the competencies for alternative livelihood enterprises.

Skill areas will include (but not limited to) Bag Making, Baking, Sewing, Candle Making, Cooking and Catering, and Rosary making.

Upon completion of their preferred training courses, linkages to sources of capital for livelihood enterprises will be sought.

The center will link with government and private institutions and enterprises, which might provide initial on-the-job training, for possible long-term employment.

MQHM will monitor and continue to provide support to former women and children victims of prostitution upon completion of their rehabilitation, spiritual formation, and skills training. This is to continuously encourage them to be productive and empowered citizens of the country and the Christian community.

MQHM will also offer limited scholarships to women who choose to finish their formal education. To this end, MQHM will establish the Scholarship devoted to deserving and promising women taken under its care to enable to them to attain diplomas and certificates that would allow them to pursue professional careers, if they so choose.

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