The Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries was established to address the cruelest result of impoverishment in the Philippines. Young girls being forced into the sex trafficking trade due to poverty. Girls ages 8 to 15 are locked in rooms and exposed to rape, diseases and murder. Many die quite young before they even have a chance to live. Through perfect love and charity, the determined nuns of MQHM have developed a two-fold plan to combat these atrocities:
We Rescue children & young women from prostitution.


We rescue as many women and children as possible and bring them to The Home of Love. Once there, they are safe, receive shelter and rehabilitation, while being educated and older girls are taught a respectable trade to provide for themselves and in many cases their families.


We reach into the rural areas of the Philippines and offer children an education, as a preventative measure and a way out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

The Home of Love Center, in Tuburan, Cebu, Philippines needs your help to expand its facilities and sustain its mission. The educational network developed by MQHM, named The Regina Coeli Educational Program, has had amazing success but has reached a plateau due to a lack of funds. The Sisters of Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries have a sincere mission to embrace God’s graces and serve the poor and unfortunate children of their country, through mercy, love and charity. Please find it in your hearts to share your many blessings with children who have nowhere to go to escape their unspeakable situation.

Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries commit ourselves to make Jesus & Mary the true living inspiration & example of our lives.

We give full faith and love to the Catholic Church and promised to be faithful to her teachings, living our life in simplicity, justice, integrity and unity. We truly dedicate ourselves to help others return to God and recover their dignity as His children while accepting His infinite love and mercy.

It is the vision of our community to help rebuild the church by uniting these victims of prostitution with the rest of God’s people. In doing so, we make them feel that they are not forsaken nor forgotten but loved and understood. Little by little we make this dream a reality by providing them a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, an understanding heart, a friend who stands by them in their needs.

We assist these children of God in their pursuit of living a new and decent Christian life. We provide them a temporary place they can call “home” where they can have their spiritual, emotional and social reformation. Furthermore, we will also train and equip them with skills for a decent source of livelihood.

We beseech the help of Mary, our Mother, St. Joseph the Worker, St. Therese of the Child Jesus, patron saint of missions and all the angels and saints in heaven. And we ask you, our brothers and sisters, to help us in this most worthy mission.

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  1. Patricia Permano

    SFR (Singapore Family Rosary) is humbly glad to be one of your mission partner. Somehow in our little ways of support can help your mission alive.

    SFR is one with MQHM mission.

  2. Gerald and Nida Fe Curran

    Thank you for all you do. We hope you never give up on your original goal of rescue and redemption. You are always in our prayers. Gerald and Nida Fe Curran, Washington, DC.

  3. Thank you Sisters for doing God’s work …
    saving and redeeming girls and women
    from the scourge of sinful society.
    Grateful to be of small help to your mission.
    God bless you all!

  4. Hello Sister of Queen of Heaven Missionaries,

    I invited Sr Monica to give a talk to the Women’s Guild of St Paul, Phoenix, Arizona on Oct 3, 2019 to present to us your projects and goals to help the poor children in the Philippines. I’m looking forward in sponsoring a child just what i did a couple of years ago….and praying that God will provide for all of us so that we could share it among the children who needed it most.

    Thank you for your courageous heart to walk through the night to save the young girls from possible predators. God bless you all Sisters!

    Wilma Mayo

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