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Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries commit ourselves to make Jesus and Mary, the true living inspiration and example of our lives.

We, the Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries commit ourselves to make Jesus and Mary, the true living inspiration and example of our lives. We give full faith and love to the Catholic Church and promised to be faithful to her teachings, living our life in simplicity, justice integrity and unity. We truly dedicate ourselves to help the poor sinners return to God and the outcasts of society to recover their dignity as His children.

We are moved by the desire to walk the same road Jesus Christ had taken in reaching out the poor sinners and the outcasts of society. In our poverty and meekness, we commit ourselves in bringing back these people to God’s fold and thereby let them come to realize His infinite love and mercy.

It is the vision of our community to help rebuild the church by uniting these women, victims of prostitution, with the rest of God’s people.
In doing so, we make them feel that they are not forsaken nor forgotten but loved and understood. Little by little we make this dream a reality by providing them a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, an understanding heart, a friend who stand by them in their needs.

We concern ourselves in assisting these children of God in their pursuit of living a new and decent Christian life. We provide them a temporary place they can call “home” where they can have their spiritual, emotional and social reformation. Furthermore, we will also train and equip them with skills for a decent source of livelihood.

We beseech the help of Mary, our Mother, St. Joseph, the Worker, St. Therese of the Child Jesus, patron saint of missions and all the angels and saints in heaven.


12 thoughts on “Home of Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries

  1. Sr.Isabel

    We would like to thank all our mission partners. Our website had a little problem and we did a little construction, we will do our best to keep this site with the information you need to know, please be patient with us.
    Thank you! Keeping you all in our prayers!

  2. Theodor A Daligdig III

    Dear Sir or Mam:

    I am of Filipino/Spanish ancestry and 2nd generation grandson to an immigrant grandfather from Siquijor. I visited the Visayans twice since discovering my family roots in Maria, Siquijo nin 2011. I am a retired US Army Colonel and the former Civil Defense Manager for the island of Kauai. I am a graduate of the St. Catherine School in Kealia, Kauai, Hawaii. I am ejoying the retirement life now.

    Today, at our St Catherine Church 0730 Mass a guest speaker from your organization share with the parishioners the goals and objectives of you organization. Sister also spoke about the work that you do and it moved my wife and I to generate this meal with questions.

    1. How much will it cost us to sponsor deserving student that you are saving from the evils of society?

    2. What does the program provide the student?

    3. I visited Cebu on the past trips to the Philippines and would like to visit your organization’s site. What arrangement must be made in advance to make a visit possible?

    Thank you for you valuable time and GOD bless all of you.

    Theodore A Daligdig III
    Resident of Kauai, Hawaii

  3. Sr.Isabel

    Regina Coeli Educational Assistance program will help very poor children in the Philippines who are willing to study. We provide school supplies, uniforms, shoes, raincoats and all project materials, we also pay their school fees. Also spiritual formation during summer.
    Your support will help all their needs in school.

    1. Sr.Isabel

      You are very welcome to visit us in Cebu, just contact us and we will arrange your visit. The sisters would be very glad to meet you.

  4. Lidia Arancibia

    Brothers and sisters in the FE ; sending you this to request prayer for their valuable pray for Chile, in this country are enacting laws contrary to human nature , iniquitous laws worst is that there is a reaction of the Catholic Church when it comes to moving spiritually his people , is “paralyzed ” there are sporadic purely human reactions.

    On January 31 of this ; the government of Chile with its alliances successfully introduced in the legislature ” the bill in favor of abortion . “That inconsistency !!! a Catholic country mostly passing laws against the will of God .
    Nothing is lost LIFE must protect the child in the womb ; life because that God sent. The ONLY OWNER OF GIVING AND REMOVE THE LIFE IS GOD. We join with the Divine cause.
    We are so far six countries that do not have law ABORTION , I beg you to pray to banish this spirit of death that dominates over the face of the earth.
    We know that ” NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD ” and prayerfully unit will block the bill and hinder them HERODES A SLAUGHTER MAYOR TODAY .
    Let us join Mary by praying the Holy Rosary on a giant prayer chain to bind the spirit of evil , she crushed his head with the prayer of the humble and simple .
    Anime God bless your spirit and for your generosity for this work of love for God and the babies to come and Blessed Virgin Mary wrap her mantle . Humbly Yours God daughter and sister in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Yours Truly.
    Lidia Arancibia Sandoval

    Quilpué , February 1, 2015

  5. Hazel Marangue-Avila

    Hi sisters of MQHM,

    Blessings! I’m new to your website. I learned about these great work of yours through Sister Irene Baquiran & also from my mother, Sally Marangue in Cebu. I would like to be a sponsor of a child education and opt for $75 quarterly using PayPal.

    I would like also to ask for your prayers for my family, my 3 kids, my marriage, & most especially for my unemployed husband. May the good Lord help him finish his schooling (that’s going on now for 5 years) & be able to find a job.
    Thank you much for your prayers!

    God bless,
    Hazel M. Avila

    1. Hazel Marangue-Avila

      By the way, the child that I would like to sponsor for education is Clarisse Angel R. Gumbao as per the papers/info that I received from Sister Irene. Or just let me know which child needed it the most.

      Thanks again,
      Hazel M. Avila

  6. sr.isabel

    Hi Hazel,
    Thank you very much for your support. We have received your donation of $75 through paypal.
    May our good Lord continue to bless you and your family. We will always keep you in our prayers.


  7. Jaime Bumanglag Gapasin

    1. How much will it cost us to sponsor deserving student that you are saving from the evils of society?

    Please provide your answer to the above question by Theodore Daligdig III



  8. Therese Fulford

    Good afternoon,
    One of your sisters came to speak with us in Mobile, alabama about a month ago and I bought a beautiful Rosary from her. What are the chances that I can get another one?

  9. teresa

    Queridas hermanitas:le escribo rogándole oración toda la que pueda por mi hermano Carmelo,mamá delia y yo teresa,estamos muy mal de salud,ellos,mamá y Carmelo, ya con dolores de corazón peligroso,yo con una anemia que no me pueden levantar los médicos,tengo problemas estomacales y ginecológicos que no pueden encontrar y curar,lo peor además el negocio,se nos vacio mas dela mitad de la propiedad y no se el mes que viene con que vamos a pagar impuestos altísimos como rentas y comer,los tratamientos médicos son caros,mamá necesita un neurólogo y TRATAMIENTO PARA EL DOLOR Y NO TENEMOS CON QUE,es deseperante,necesitamos un milagro,que empieze a entrar clientes,tenemos vecinos ubandas en la política,buscando que vendamos la propiedad y nos amenazan ,mandan gente a hacer daño al negocio,llaman 15 veces x dia por teléfono,es tan triste,lo que nos pasa y todo a nosotros y no tiene fin esto,hagamos lo que hagamos, son mas fuertes que nosotros y tienen poder y recursos, ayúdennos en oración todo lo que puedan, dios los bendiga, teresa

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